Latest Innovation in Telepresence Technology

Latest Innovation in Telepresence Technology

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Telepresence refers to a series of technologies that allow you to be present in another location and being able to do things and feel bring present there. Today, such technology is being increasingly used as a collaboration tool to empower businesses. However, its use shouldn’t just be limited to facilitating business operations. New mobile-app based technologies now allow anyone, including common people, to experience what is telepresence.

Concept of Telepresence

The concept of telepresence was first introduced in the mid 20th century in a science fiction book. Today, it has taken the form of different technologies that can make use of robotics, virtual reality, mechanical interfaces, and holograms to create physical appearance of movement. However, all that is about to change with the introduction of a new mobile based technology in this field.

New Innovation in Telepresence

A new peer-to-peer cloud-based system allows you to be present anywhere else, not through robotics or holograms, but in the form of another human being. It exchanges high-quality video streams based on high processing power.

The human on the other end will be your Avatar – another individual who will act as your Avatar for a fee. They can do anything you want them to (as long as it is legal) – walk, talk, move, turn, touch, examine objects, visit places, open doors, and much more. Even businesses will be able to use this technology to run operations remotely.

Leverage the Power of GUI

The new GUI-based technology in telepresence goes beyond the existing technologies. This smartphone based technology allows you to give high-level commands to your Avatar without the need for written or oral instructions. It is highly sophisticated and easy to use, and makes your teleporting experience much more engaging and rewarding.

The new technology is almost like bringing a scene from a Hollywood movie to reality.

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