Everything You Need to Know About Microprocessors

Everything You Need to Know About Microprocessors

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A microprocessor is an integrated circuit which contains and has all the functions of a whole CPU in one single IC.

CPU –(Central Processing Unit) Carries out the same process as a microprocessor but is larger, less effective and costlier.

IC –(Integrated Circuit) A collection of electronic parts and/or substances.

Microprocessors are made with things such as silicone, quartz, various metals and some chemicals. Because of this and their size, they take around about 2 months to make a single one. There are two types of microprocessors: CICS and RISC. Microprocessors are able to be recycled also! This system includes Resistors, Diodes and Transistors that all work together to work the computer. Transistors can be less than 1 micrometre wide and are mostly MOSFETs. Now you can see why they take around about 2 months to make such a small object! Also, because of their size, moving from a bulky CPU system to a microprocessor reduces the cost of making and selling and due to this, it also increases efficiency.

Types of Microprocessors:

DSP – (Digital Signal Processor) Is used and specialized for the processing of signals.

GPU – (Graphics Processing Unit) Are heavily used for real time 3-D Imaging such as in gaming.

Others – Are used for things such as video processing and machine vision.

Microprocessors use the same system as CPU’s :

Fetch                       Decode                          Execute

Takes the Instruction.                      Figures out the instructions.                        Preforms the operation.


What are the uses for a microprocessor?

Washing Machines – controls amount of water/display/ ensures wash cycles are done correctly.

Hairdryers – Controls flow of air and temperature.

Remote Control Television – DPS controls/transfers signal between remote and TV.

Digital Ballasts – Configure lamp type and make adjustments accordingly.

Electrical Kettles – DPS sends signal to turn on or off heat/records temperature.

Laptops/PC’s – Runs everything! The processing of signal, video, imaging and reactions.

Alarm Systems (Burglar) – Dependant on type, signals on or off and responds to movement, light or sound.

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