All new technology to overcome problem of electronic radiation

All new technology to overcome problem of electronic radiation

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Today, with continuous advancements in technology people are depending more on it and in almost everything it is used in some or another way. There are number of devices that have been gifted by the technology like mobiles, tablets, computers, laptops etc. They are very beneficial and make your working easier but on the other hand they have number of disadvantages as well. One of the biggest drawbacks is that they emit harmful radiations that have negative effect on your health and especially on eyes. So, to overcome this problem company Aires has come up with an effective technology. This is an EMF radiation protection microprocessor that will help in reducing its effects.

Why consider EMF radiation chips?

Basically, they are the small chip microprocessor that will stick on your data transmitting devices. They are very helpful and will help in blocking the magnetic connection of phone with your body. This is not only beneficial for you but it will also benefit your surrounding and environment. It will help in reducing the EMF pollution due to which depletion of earth layers will stop. These microprocessors have electronic silicon attached in them that work by using the proprietary process. In fact, due to continuous increase in these cell phone radiation protection chips more and more companies are coming in this field. They are made available in two different sizes out of which small chips are used for mobiles while large chips are used for laptops and computers.


Working of radiation protection chips

They work by changing the field causes and properties which are inhibited in electronic devices. This helps in changing the structure of material due to which electromagnetic position also changes. The circuit of chip helps in accumulating the charges due to this electronic device serves as source of charges. As soon as excess charge is build they are distributed to the microprocessors that helps in minimizing the effects.

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