Importance Of Chatbots In Slack And Facebook For Growth Of Your Business

Importance Of Chatbots In Slack And Facebook For Growth Of Your Business

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Nowadays, customer care seems to be of top-notch priority for the emerging businesses in this year 2017. As per the recent social index, in 2016, the average social media based messages, which needed response, grew by 18% with every passing year. This forces multiple brands to look for ways to accentuate the customer service based responses. That’s when the chatbots came into action.

Introducing this mechanism:

Multiple social media platforms like Slack and Facebook Messenger are using chatbots for communicating with the customers. They are always able to answer some FAQs asked and provide immediate response on any service or product. These chatbots are designed to increase communication. Not only that but it further helps in reducing the response times to some social messages, which are in dire need of answer.

Going for the records:

If you want to learn more about the importance of this chatbots, then you have to go through the recent calculation. Slack and Facebook messenger are the two major platforms, widely affected with this technology invention with a positive result, of course!

  • Thanks to this chatbots, Slack grew to a whopping number of 4 million active daily user in 2016
  • It further owns a rough paid account of 1.25 million
  • Right now, there are 484 Slack bots available.
  • When it comes to Facebook Messenger, there are 11000 active messenger bots right now.
  • 200 million users are known to have been using audio and voice calling features on messenger.
  • Facebook bots are recently accepting multiple major vendors.

These points can clearly prove the importance of chatbots in the overall growth of social media platforms. So, if you can use these social media channels for your business, it will grow to the fullest and within a short span. Without wasting time further, log online and get along with the best trends, covering the latest market value.

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