Best Social Media Marketing Platform

Best Social Media Marketing Platform

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Social media is a great platform for marketing your products and services. Unlike earlier, you don’t have to spend fortune to market your products via conventional marketing platforms to reach the target audiences. Now, marketing a product or service is easier than ever. Thanks to the social media marketing platforms that make the marketing job simple and effective. You can easily reach your target customer just by spending few dollars a week.

Lately, the internet world has witness a huge number of social media platforms. As more people spend their time on mobile rather than desktop or laptop, it has become easier for the companies to target their potential customers. And most of them spend a lot of time on social media platforms. Therefore, the performance of a platform is determined by SEO reports and PPC management. As there are so many platforms available, it is confusing which one to select for marketing. We have clubbed here the best social media marketing platforms for your business. Read on to know more!


When it comes to social media marketing platform list, Facebook tops the chart. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform comprising more than 1.59 billion users. Facebook excel in all area whether it is to reach the potential customer or to advertise a product. Marketers can build ads on Facebook and optimize these ads via the Facebook ads features. With over two million prospects, Facebook ads match with the buyers having similar interest. Buyers are directed to an apt-in page where marketers can take their name and email. Facebook not only provides effective marketing campaigns but they are also very cost-effective.


Twitter is second most popular social media marketing platform after Facebook. With a large number of users, it makes a very suitable platform for social media marketing. The best part of posts in Twitter is that they go viral easily and increases the possibility of grabbing customer’s attention. The more shares a post gets the more followers it will get. In Twitter, hastags plays an important role. So, while posting, try to include the trending keywords in your hastags to get noticed in the platform.


LinkedIn is a popular social media site for professionals. It is the easiest way to connect with business professional is any industry. You can search professionals easily through LinkedIn by industry or job title. LinkedIn focuses more on building relationships and helps the users to stay in touch with their business partners, colleagues and employers. It has several groups where you can contact, interact, and build relationship with the professionals of your field.


Instagram is more about photos than written content. You can share photos of your business events and trade shows here to attract customers and businesses. Post your photos on Instagram with the event hastags so that people can identify your business. You can also share interesting memes on Instagram to initiate a discussion and get noticed easily. You can get an easy recognition for your business in this way.

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