Is CDN Solution a Requisite for Your Site

Is CDN Solution a Requisite for Your Site


The issue of delayed webpage loading is a common one experienced by every web user at one time or the other. One of the influencing factors behind this delay is the content delivery network (CDN).

CDN is designed to solve the latency or delay in loading of a webpage.  Its function is to shorten the distance between the hosting server of a website and the visitor, enabling a shorter delay interval. In short, CDN works to boost performance and speed of a site.

What does a CDN comprise of?

Content delivery network is essentially the backbone of Internet overseeing content delivery. Every internet user interacts with a CDN routinely while doing tasks such as

  • Reading a web article
  • Shopping online
  • Watching a video
  • Checking feeds on social media

Irrespective of the content you assimilate, CDNs will be present in the images, texts, and videos you enjoy in your computer or mobile.


How do CDNs function?

CDN is instrumental in the ease of connection that internet creates among people present in different parts of world irrespective of the distance. CDN stores offer content in cached version in various geographical locations, also known as PoPs or points of presence. Each such PoPs will have several caching servers that deliver content to the visitors present nearby.

For instance, if a New York user accesses a UK website, it is done via local US PoP. This will make the request to be granted more quickly instead of the request and response travelling the entire distance between the two continents.

While CDN solutions are of the expensive variety, there are solutions such as AhCDN which is an ideal substitute with its low prices, quick loading of content and faster connections. It also works with equal effectiveness on small files like images as well as heavy ones like videos.

When do you need a CDN?

Even if CDN is offered for free, it is not indicated for all users. For instance, if you are managing a website that caters to a particular locality with most of your users present in the specific region similar to the hosting, a CDN does not offer you much benefit.

But for websites that cater to a wider audience base such as advertising, entertainment and media, e-commerce, online gaming, health care, etc., CDN use is the ideal choice.

With a CDN solution, you not only experience high load speed and handle huge traffic loads but also it is possible to block the scrapers, bad bots, and spammers. You can lower consumption of bandwidth, have a balanced load between several servers, and safeguard your site from dreadful DDOS attacks.

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Kevin explains the helpfulness of adopting a CDN in this competitive business world. He also advises using an affordable yet effective solution provider such as AhCDN that helps you meet your objectives.

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