A new Slant on Internet Marketing

A new Slant on Internet Marketing


If you’re a business owner you know the ins and outs of marketing. Pay-per-click, email campaigns, and social media are all pretty common venues for spreading the word and getting new customers, but there’s a big one you may be missing: Groupon.com.

With nearly 50 million active customers and over 115 million app downloads, the site has bragging rights to an almost 50 percent conversion rate, and that alone should make you pay attention. Almost half of the consumers who download the free app use it, and that’s big news for businesses. Major corporations such as Office Depot and small local businesses alike have found success with Groupon, and once you understand the simple process you’ll see why.

The site is designed for simplicity, so even the most technology challenged won’t have a problem using it. All you have to do in key in your search terms and cooresponding businesses or services pop up in the results. One of the best features is the “neighborhood search,” which lets the user search by location. The results narrow to businesses nearby that offer the item or service their seeking, which means a business already has their prospects narrowed down to buyers before the walk in the door.

Once a consumer chooses a business they can scroll through coupon options and choose what they want to use. They then download a coupon r discount code, which is used at the checkout before the sale is finalized.

Groupon coupons and discounts can be used at a traditional business, an online store, or both. Perhaps the best part is that by the time a shopper walks in your door or clicks on your website they’ve already decided to buy. All you have left to do is help them make their choice of product and check them out.

If you have a local service business, this might be the key to making yours stand out from the crowd. If there are ten salons in the area and yours is the only one that pops up on the Groupon app, that person is highly likely to choose your business over your competitors. How easy is that?

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