4 SEO Marketing Strategies

4 SEO Marketing Strategies

Business People in a Digital Marketing Seminar

If you own a business these days then you already know that you need to market your company on the internet.  But how?  Aren’t there many different ways to do this?

Actually, yes, there are lots of different ways to go about online digital marketing agency Dubai; but no matter what you choose, Search Engine Optimization should be a core strategy.


Plainly, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially it is the term that refers to how close to the top a search result is in a search engine.  SEO attempts to link keywords—that a user will put into a search engine query box, like Google—to your site or business through articles and other media that have woven the keyword into its content.


On the internet, an “influencer” is a person in a position to “influence” people to buy a product or to visit a website. They might be a celebrity endorser or a trusted blogger or maybe even a reputable news source.  You can use SEO in combination with an influencer to not only direct more traffic to your site but also convert more of those visitors to actual revenue.


No matter what type of website or business you have, content strategy focuses on your most likely, most associated key words.  Through blog posts, videos, ads, whitepapers, webinars, and even research reports, you provide visitors with SEO links to follow. When people follow these links it helps to improve your search engine page ranking.


Speaking of links, you also need to have SEO-associated back links. You do this by contributing content to another page or site that is not your own.  This might involve writing an editorial for a major publication, writing an industry review, or even commenting (with permission) on another person’s blog or page.


More and more people are conducting their web business on mobile devices—with some parts of the world solely operating on mobile devices like smartphones.  And that means just about every business will benefit from developing a mobile app—and with that mobile app make sure that you have connected it to a smart SEO company Dubai application too.


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