PS4 V Xbox One – Hardware Comparison

PS4 V Xbox One – Hardware Comparison

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An issue that prospective console purchasers asks many occasions within the next couple of years is the better console, the new sony Ps 4 or even the Microsoft Xbox One? In the following paragraphs we check out the technical information on each console and do a comparison against one another.

PS4 v Xbox One – CPU

In the center associated with a gaming system is its processor. It accounts for the raw power the system, although also linking the many other components such RAM, hard drive, graphics nick and optical drive together.

The PS4 and Xbox One use much the same CPUs, both while using Jaguar architecture produced by AMD and composed of two quad-core modules giving as many as 8-core units.

The Xbox One runs at 1.75GHz, even though it was original specified as 1.6GHz but elevated before launch by Microsoft engineers. The PlayStation’s processor speed is not formally released by The new sony, even though it is stated by skillfully developed to become running at 1.6GHz. Even though this is slower compared to Xbox, it’s a relatively small difference that it’s unlikely to supply the Xbox with any noticeable real-world advantage. There’s also a sign the new sony product includes a boost feature in which the CPU speed could be momentarily elevated when CPU intensive demand occurs, even though this is not confirmed through the manufacturer.

An advantage of both consoles using much the same architecture is the fact that producing games for every system does not need to be contacted from two difference technical perspectives. A title written for that PS4 is free of charge to become ported across towards the Xbox One with no major re-engineering. This principle will also apply to PC versions of games since the CPU used is really a PC derived x86 architecture although the graphics processing can also be PC based.

Both consoles make use of an Faster Processing Unit (or APU) setup. This technique has both CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit) contained on a single nick. These new-generation consoles use AMD’s third generation lower power APU architecture.

Xbox One v PS4 – Graphics Processing

Both consoles make use of an AMD GPU in line with the Radeon HD 7000 number of personnel computer graphics cards. Regardless of this you will find variations backward and forward. In writing the PS4 graphics processor is 40 percent more effective with 1,152 shader processors allowing a throughput of just one.84 teraflops when compared to 768 shader processors from the Xbox One passing on a throughput of just one.31 teraflops. So that they can combat this deficit Microsoft made the decision to improve their GPU speed pre-launch in the standard 800MHz utilized by the HD 7000 nick to 853MHz. It’s unlikely this small rise in clock speed would supply an obvious improvement using the extra processing power the PS4 letting it perform more tasks concurrently, theoretically allowing better visual effects.

Xbox One v Ps 4 – RAM

The new sony console also edges the Xbox on Ram (RAM) specs, using the PlayStation4 using GDDR5 RAM, although the main one has more conventional DDR3 memory. Both units have 8GB of RAM.

The GDDR5 RAM is made for use within intensive applications for example graphics cards because it features a much greater bandwidth as high as 100GB/sec greater than the DDR3. To counter this deficit the Xbox One also offers a 32MB eSRAM frame buffer to assist bridge the space backward and forward RAM types.


Having a more effective GPU and faster memory it appears that the PS4 marginally out will the Xbox for pure graphics power. Despite these advantages the Microsoft product returns having a slightly faster processor (by around 10 percent) and adding an eSRAM buffer to free the burden around the Xbox A person’s primary memory.

Taking many of these factors into consideration, it is not easy to proclaim one console clearly much better than another. The issue regarding the best idea console would, the truth is, rely on the consumer’s personal preference on matters like the feel from the controller, software features and exclusive games. Thank you for studying.

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