How To Pick The Best Android Phone For Gaming

How To Pick The Best Android Phone For Gaming

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Are you a looking for a great gaming phone? Mobile gaming has come a long way since their inception. With technological advancement, now even the cheap phones perform like gaming consoles. They have features good enough to handle games such as Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

For having the best gaming experience on Android phone, you must look for several things. Great processors, storage, battery, and display are some of the things. Another thing you must keep in mind is your price range. This article highlights the best android phones for good gaming experience.

Take a look at the cheap phones for best gaming experience.

Smooth Performance- Honor 8

When you are looking for a gaming phone Honor 8 is a great choice. The gaming experience it provides is smooth and powerful. There is no issue of lagging and phone overheating. This phone has nothing that could annoy you. It can play the heavy games like Modern Combat 5 and Nova 3 without any problem. Huawei Honor 8 is one of the cheap phones that are great for all types of gaming. The phone runs on anAndroid operating system with Kirin 950 CPU. It features an Octa-core processor with Mali-T880 GPU with 4 GB RAM.  The Honor 8 has a great rear and front camera that allows you to capture crisp photos.

Powerful Processor and RAM- OnePlus 5

Another best Android phone for gaming is the OnePlus 5. This phone features a Snapdragon 835 with 6 GB and 8 GB RAM. It offers an amazing gaming experience to all levels of gamers. There are features of the phone that make it the best choice. The Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode and the Dash Charging While Gaming mode. The phone has a 5.5 full HD display and powerful battery 3,300 mAh battery. You can enjoy unlimited games as the battery can last longer.

Affordable Choice- Moto Z Play

Next on the list is the Moto Z Play. This phone is one of the best cheap phones for playing heavy games without any lag. It is great for playing heavy games such as Asphalt 8 and Implosion very well. In most of the phone when playing Asphalt 8 you have to lower the graphic setting. This is not the case with Moto Z, you can play it on highest graphics quite well. This phone will not annoy you as it doesn’t heat up or lag. The phone offers a smooth performance as it is powered by Snapdragon 625 processor with 3 GB RAM. The screen offers excellent viewing angles while playing game thanks to its 1080p AMOLED. The Moto Z Play has 3,150 mAh battery that allows you to play non-stop games. The battery will last all day long.

Therefore, these phones have all the high-end features that you need for ultimate gaming experience. One of the important factor you must look at is the battery. Which Android phone do you think offers the best gaming experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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