6 Useful Tips for Success in Fantasy Cricket Betting

6 Useful Tips for Success in Fantasy Cricket Betting

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Real fantasy sports betting is already a multi-billion dollar industry with betting on cricket and football taking a lead in all the sports that are betted up on.

Let us see the tips that will enhance the chances of success in fantasy cricket betting.

  1. Have Several Bookmaker Accounts: You might argue against it by saying that you will be spammed or your card details will be all over the internet. But, those who are taking it seriously as a full-time job and earn good money have as many accounts as possible. This helps them in Odds Value Hunting, which is a process of finding which bookmaker is offering the best odds for a given match-up.
  2. Use the Power of Internet: The internet is full of details that you need to take into consideration before placing your bet. Use the extensive database of information available about cricket, including the pitch and the weather conditions. Both these vastly affect the game.
  3. Make Use of Social Media: Put social media like FaceBook and Twitter to use for cricket betting. Some ex and current professionals use this medium for promoting the columns or blogs that they have written. Though they won’t specify anything that targets towards betting, you can get a hang of which way they think the tie will hinge. Sometimes, they also give free advice to their readers, which can help you take a call.
  4. Be Proficient in Money Management: Behave like a pro better by staying away from uncertain bets, wager only small amounts on most matches and once in a while when you get the right opportunity place a big bet on a well-handicapped game. Follow the 3-5% rule, which says never wager more than 3-5% of your bankroll on any one bet. This ensures you never go broke.
  5. Select the Value Bet: There are several types of bets offered by bookmakers for cricket, but your aim should be to put your money on the one that offers the best value. And then, you should be flexible in the bets that you want to place. Thus, if you are looking for 4 bets in a day, but got only one value bet or vice versa you should mend your ways accordingly.
  6. Game Format: Cricket is played in many formats like the Test match, the one day or the 20-20. The format you select for betting should be in line with the type of game format that is ‘in season.’ This is because it will help you in getting the latest information.

These tips will help you in placing your bets on fantasy cricket successfully.

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