Wirelessly Synchronizing Android with Mac

Wirelessly Synchronizing Android with Mac

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When it comes to syncing your Android or Mac through Bluetooth or Wifi, you will need to ensure that you get a third party app which has good quality.

You can however make use of SyncMate, an app to synchronize Android with Mac wirelessly without any issues. It will update all your data in no time, and comes as being quite a resourceful app today.

If you are still wondering how to synchronize Android with Mac wirelessly, then keep reading below for more details.

How does SyncMate actually work?

SyncMate has so far been known to be quite a fruitful and productive ass since it helps to preserve your data on your Mac. It will help to perfectly sync with your Android device. All kinds of devices that run on OS 4.x to 6.x will be supported by this app.

In the case of this Android with Mac wireless syncing app, you will be able to efficiently sync several data and information such as your calendar and contacts through the SyncMate Free edition available. However, with the help of SyncMate Expert, you will be able to sync in more data such as files, folders, music, images, bookmarks and so forth.


The process of syncing is quick and trouble-free. Ensure that you follow the steps mentioned below:

You first require downloading the free SyncMate app and get it installed on your computer. After the procedure of installation is over, you have to open the app and then notice the prime window area.

You will then require clicking on to the option called “Add new” which is located towards the left hand side. You will then require selecting Android from the given list and get the device linked to your Mac.

You will then require to click the “+” button option from the top side of the panel. After this from the plugins list, you need to select the data that you want to sync. You need to then alter and get the sync parameters adjusted as per your requirements. Now wirelessly, you will be able to sync Android with Mac, either through Bluetooth or wireless, or even now through the USB option.

With the help of the free edition covers you can get calendars and contacts synchronized. Nevertheless, with its Expert edition, you can make the best use and sync more data such as folders, files, images, messages, and many such options.

Once when you have noticed that these parameters have been set, you need to start the process by clicking on to the “Sync” option.


SyncMate can now sync data between Mac and other Mac devices, apart from Android devices. It can even sync data from MTP or mounted devices, iOS devices, Dropbox accounts, Windows services, iClould accounts, and Google too.

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