Activate your day with best power bank

Activate your day with best power bank

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The world is shifting their interest from being mechanical to electronics as they are coming in simple and portable size requires less power consumptions. Today we use lot of gadgets like smart phones, tablets, laptops, electronic watches, mp3 players, iPod, digital cameras etc. All the gadgets are so small in size made it to be portable and the longer usage of it demands large power input but portable size gadgets have very small size of batteries which is not sufficient to supply power for longer time. So you have to reach a power supply once the device is dead out of power. And you have to stay near the socket or plug point for hours to charge it. To simplify the charging and carrying purpose, the power bank charger is introduced to the extensive users of smart phones, tablets etc.


The power banks are coming at different capacities. The capacity of the power bank is represented by the mAh capacity which represents the energy supply from the portable power supply. Based on this capacity level, the number of times your gadgets charged. And the negative point is that the capacity of the power bank is directly proportional to the weight of it. As the large capacity power bank weighs more and requires longer time to charge the power bank.

Current capacity

The current capacity of the power bank determines the charging time. If the current supply is high, the charging time is less. Most of the power bank is coming with the current capacity of 1 ampere to 2 amps. The smart phones demands 1 amps power supply and the high power devices like tablets, laptops demand 2 amps power supply. Today the power banks are coming in different capacity and styles. The size of the power bank is sufficient enough to be portable. The power banks frames are provided with leather type of material which reduces the scratch of the frames makes it look stylish always.

Important tips

Most of the power bank batteries are Li-ion battery type and you don’t need to completely discharge the battery before recharge. And it is recommended to charge it when the power supply falls below 15 percent. It is always better to charge the batteries 100 percent to ensure the battery life. The less percentage charge makes few amount of battery materials unutilized and cause electrochemical loss.

Added features

 The power bank charger are coming with added features like LED indicators and flash lights. These flash indicators tells you the power availability of the backup power bank and makes you aware when to recharge it. Added to that the power can be supplied to the gadgets through USB cable supply.  A USB cable adaptor is required for all the devices and the power bank has two to three USB ports to power more devices simultaneously. The power banks are available from 10000mAH to 20000mAH which is sufficient enough to charge your gadgets four to five times which is great enough to people who travel lot and utilize the gadgets a lot.

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