The Top Logos with Beautiful Custom Lettering 

The Top Logos with Beautiful Custom Lettering 

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A great way to create a unique logo is to use custom lettering instead of pulling from an existing font. This allows you to create unique styles that integrate symbols, use stylish tails and add loops to your logo. Here are 15 inspiring examples of logos that use beautiful custom lettering to create a truly one of a kind design.

1. Pixelo

This logo uses loops to add a lot of flair to the design. It also uses the loops to come back around to the bottom of the logo to add an underscore accent. This gives the logo a bold look that is paired with a funky design.

2. Ink Butter

This is a very stylish logo that use long tails that coil and wrap around the ends of the logo. It reminds you of a self-contained yet free flowing look that communicates to the audience that the company is unique.

3. Plum

By using multiple colors and altering the font, Plum has come up with a strong logo that is immediately memorable. The u and the m are linked together for a stylish effect that is also space saving. The colors are bold, bright and represent the company’s name perfectly.

4. Silver Brown Dance Co

This logo uses two types of custom fonts. One is done in script and the other is done in the standard style. This reminds you of comic sans but is obviously still very different. It elongates the end letters and accents the L’s and R’s with underscores that wrap below other letters.

5. Cloud Host

This prototype for a web hosting logo uses rounded corners and slightly elongated tails. This makes for a slightly different web hosting logo that stands out from other providers. The icon also works very well with the font and helps complete the presentation.

6. Edge Board

This is a brilliant logo by graphic designer Hampus Jageland. He modeled the logo on an existing font and has made it bolder and added unique trims on the lettering. The actual bent icon represents the product perfectly as it’s for a chopping board that bends at the end for various applications.

7. Thrice Noble

This is an edgy logo that demands attention. It uses a jagged font that’s reminiscent of rock band logos and uses periods on the top half to spell out each letter. The result is a presentation that catches your eyes and forces you to give it a second look.

8. Boytjie Braai Sauce

Boytjie uses a handwritten script for their logo. What’s even more interesting than that is the fact that the product labeling uses unique custom lettering and helps support the logo for a unique brand presentation.

9. Zebra and Giraffe

This logo uses tattoo style lettering for the font. It also uses unique tails, curved wave accents and a faded spray paint look for a one of a kind look. The strong font, underline and the sharp edges combine vintage and modern styles into one design.

10. Mail Chimp

One of the most popular email marketing services has used custom lettering for their logo. It looks like it is handwritten in cursive. And given that the company has been around for many years, it seems like their logo has worked out for them.

11. Hotel Cocoa

This is an incredibly well done logo. It has a flowing font that looks like a personal signature. The laid back look of the font suits a hotel company perfectly. It also has an element of luxury due to the style of the signature.

12. Black and Denim

Black and Denim uses a vintage style font with accents that make the brand look tough. This is accompanied by a winged crest logo that adds class and style to the look. Overall, it fits the look you’d expect from a denim company but does enough to make it stand out from the competition.

13. Mood

This design by Zaky Arifin is very representative of the modern art style. It’s a minimalist approach to a unique design. By simply extending either the second or third ‘o’ in the word mood, it creates an artsy and fun logo that can be used in various styles.

14. Infinite Studios

This is an example of simple brilliance. By turning the ‘e’ in the word infinite into an infinity symbol, the designer manages to create a catchy and unique logo that falls perfectly in place with the theme. The font is also very clean and modern so the symbol works well in the presentation.

15. Canopy

This is a logo designed for an organization that plants trees for the government. The designer made a smart decision to make the font fit into the shape of a tree. The second leg of the ‘n’ in the logo also drops down into the roots to represent a tree. This creates a logo that perfectly matches the theme and purpose of the organization.

Those are just a couple of examples of logos that use beautiful custom lettering. You don’t have to rely on font libraries to create your logo. If you can’t find the right look, then it’s a good idea to work with a designer that can help you come up with a custom look that best represents your business. The added benefit of using custom lettering is that you won’t come across another business that is using the same set of fonts for their logos.

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