How to Safely Download with uTorrent

How to Safely Download with uTorrent

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uTorrent gained its popularity soon after its release with excited fans flocking in by the droves. Well, why shouldn’t people visit torrent when they can get any digital product — whether it’s a movie or software — on just a few clicks? But when torrenting, users do face problems like getting hacked, downloading malware instead of the real file or ending up with the wrong file.

You Can Use Torrent Safely

Yes! It is possible to download your desired files from uTorrent without getting in trouble but if and only if you follow some basic and easy rules. Let’s discuss my tips and tricks to Torrent safely:

Download from Verified Accounts only

Whenever you download a file from torrent make sure it is from a verified torrent. So, how can you find out which torrent is verified? It’s easy, just look for the green verification tick in front of their torrent links. Actually, these verified torrent links are trustworthy and will never let you down.

Comments Explain everything

Reviews of other people explain everything. You should read comments of other people before you download anything from Torrent. These comments can help you determine the quality of that specific torrent file. People write their reviews in those comment boxes after they have experienced the final downloaded product. Make sure that the file you want to download has a handsome amount of the positive reviews from other people.

More Seeds Mean More Confidence

People will never share a torrent file if it contains something suspicious in it. People always like to share a link if it is trustworthy. So, while you are trying to download a file from torrent make sure that it has lots of seeds and once you find a file with the trustable amount of seeds then download it straightforwardly.

Do Not Download Executable Files

Yes, I repeat never download executable files from Torrent. So, what are executable files? Executable files are actually scripts that contain some programming code strings and can be executed once you install them. These scripts can take over your computer easily. You can identify an executable file if it ends with .exe or .bat.

If you are still not sure about your security while torrenting then no worries because you can always use a VPN service to hide your real IP and identity. Using VPN can resolve many problems like getting hacked through IP attack or suspicious scripts.

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