How You Can Remove Home windows 7 From the Dual Boot Computer Running Home windows XP

How You Can Remove Home windows 7 From the Dual Boot Computer Running Home windows XP

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The procedure below describes the situation in which a computer is managing a dual operating-system, Home windows XP and Home windows 7. It’s the situation where Home windows XP was installed initially on a single partition, and Home windows 7 later installed on a single hard disk drive but different partition.

To be able to remove Home windows 7, you have to first support your computer data that you would like to help keep. Then, delete the Home windows 7 partition by being able to access it in the disk management utility.

Right click the Home windows 7 partition and delete it. At this time, you finish track of Home windows XP because the only operating-system placed on hard disk, using the second partition with no data.

This does not mean you are through with the entire process. To inform you that, restart the pc even though booting you’ll be given a summary of exactly the same two options you’d before taking out the Home windows 7 operating-system.

The only real difference now’s, if you select the Home windows 7 option, you won’t get access to an operating-system. The pc displays a mistake message like, OS is missing, or any other errors.

To solve this problem, you need to delete the Home windows 7 listing in the boot list, and I’ll demonstrate how to get it done in quite simple steps:

1-Connect to the Administrative Tools

2-Connect to the System Configuration

3-Click on the Boot Tab

4-Choose the Home windows 7 option

5-Delete it.

That’s it, you’re done finishing the procedure. Please be aware that, both Home windows os’s XP and seven need to be on separate partitions on a single hard disk drive. Additionally to that particular, Win XP ought to be installed

There’s an essential remark to include, should you have had Home windows 7 installed first after which Home windows XP was installed, removing Home windows 7 will render the body inoperable. Exactly the same problem applies, by trying to get rid of Home windows XP after installing Home windows 7. That old version should Home windows that’s installed first will not be removed, since the system won’t reboot.

In a nutshell, the above mentioned is a situation of numerous, and I’m recommending it, since i have attempted it. Other situations and settings might work however i did not use them furthermore, you cannot predict the behaviour of each and every computer since everybody is exclusive when considering the programs, installed afterwards it.

To obtain the exact instructions PDF guide free that you could follow, go to the website below and follow the link that will give you to some survey when you answer the 3 fundamental solutions about the reason why you require the guide, you’ll be come to the page that displays the guide. You may either reserve it or print it.

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