How to Use Movavi Photo Editor to Remove Unwanted Objects in Photos

How to Use Movavi Photo Editor to Remove Unwanted Objects in Photos

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When snapping the photo, you may be forgetful and did not remove the object that you don’t want to show people in the photo. It could be that there are some strangers or animals or vehicles that happen to be in the background when you are taking the photo. You didn’t notice them because you are so focused on taking the photo. When you look back at the photo, you discovered that there are some unwanted objects that you wish you could remove.

You don’t have to fret because learning how to remove an object from a photo is not as hard as you think. You can erase away the unwanted objects that you see not fit for the photo with a basic photo editor like Movavi Photo Editor. If your photo has one or more unwanted objects, you must go to Object Removal in Movavi Photo Editor and use the brush tool to mark them so that you can delete them.

There is only one brush tool in Object Removal and the brush will color any object you paint in red. In Movavi Photo Editor, red colored objects are objects that you want to remove. You can use the brush tool to mark an unlimited number of unwanted objects in the photo and the software will make sure that every one of them that is marked in red will be removed. You can use the clone stamp tool to touch up the photo after the objects have been removed.

You must click the start erasing button in order to start the object removal process. The eraser tool also work in erasing away the unwanted object efficiently. The eraser tool is the fourth button under Selection Tools. If you choose to use the eraser tool, you don’t have to mark the unwanted objects in red because you are the one that is erasing it and you know which one you need to erase.


After you finish erasing away the unwanted object, you may want to crop the photo so that the subject looks more focused in the photo. The crop tool on the right allows you to crop the photo to any size you want. If the photo is too large and you want it to be smaller size, you can navigate to the resize tab and scale down the picture by pixels or percentage.

Text can also be added onto the photo with Movavi Photo Editor. The text editor in Movavi Photo Editor offers all the standard tools you will find in a text editor. Some people like to tilt the text a bit and you can achieve this effect by using the text rotation tool. You can try all the filters under the Effects tab to see if you can find one that add to the aesthetic appearance of the photo. In the Enhance tab, you will find a few adjustable settings that can control the color variation in the photo. If you adjust the sliders correctly, the photo will be enhanced and look better than the original version.

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