Download Archive Manager with a Free License

Download Archive Manager with a Free License

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This company is so sure how unique their file server archiving software is, they are offering Archive Manager with a free license when you download it. MLtek archiving solution is so unique that it has become a feature that is regularly used in many corporations that have large amounts of files to be managed.

How much support

The software currently will support up to 100 Petabytes of archived files and is used by thousands of companies all over the world for their file management.

Free license

For this free license you will get every feature of the paid version such as:

  • The capacity to archive from any UNC pathway to any other UNC path to store files any older device;
  • Manage an assortment of varied links that can be left in place of archived files;
  • NTFS from start to finish with the directory structures, file permissions, and attributes managed at all times;
  • Huge scalability due to no database being used for the storing of archived files, only pointers to archived files or file Metadata;
  • And a whole lot that you can find details for at the main product page.


This free license:

  • Doesn’t expire
  • No need to register
  • No marketing emails will be sent
  • No calls from them trying to get you to buy the licensed version

You only need to download the program, install it and begun using it.

Why a free license?

The reason for a free license is easy to figure out – the staffs at MLtek know that not everyone has a file system that is multi-terabyte. If you have a system that is around the scale of a few GB’s they don’t want you to spend thousands on a solution for archiving. This company understands and they will not try to sell you a copy of the Archive Manager.

Help spread the word

Basically they know that you will be helping them in spreading the word about this unique product. They believe that passing the word this way will lead to a person who will end up buying a license for a big archiving project and then down the road there will be others. And you get a completely free file archiving solution that will let you arrange up to 5 scheduled jobs. The only constraint is a cap of 100 files processed for each run of a job.

That’s it

So, head over to their website and get a free license for MLtek unique archiving solution.

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