Can Dedicated Server Help To Increase Website Speed?

Can Dedicated Server Help To Increase Website Speed?

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Website speed is most critical aspect not just for search engine ranking, but also for visitors coming to your site. Website that loads slowly increases bounce rate, which is useless for your social shares, user activity profile, links and more. A few seconds of delay in the long run can shockingly impact your ranking factor.

Can dedicated server help to increase site speed?

Dedicated server hosting from INXY provides full-managed solution. Users will not need to get concerned about technical issues that could possibly arise from administering dedicated servers personally. Now, let’s understand how dedicated server can increase website speed dramatically.

When you buy hosting space for a single website on a server hosting thousands of other sites then the disk space, bandwidth, processing memory and more is consumed by all these other sites. Obviously, the web host makes sure that every website running on that shared server runs appropriately, so he allocates limits for each site. It helps to maximize his business and earn good profits.

Actually, you are provided a concealed sanction on the server including limited bandwidth, CPU, and disc space. For new business this is appropriate but as you progress it is not fine at all.  At some point, you will need several plug-INS to enhance functionality, performance and more stuffs.

Better security for enhanced speed

Your website is vulnerable to cyber attacks on shared servers. If it is under attack then the speed will slow down. With dedicated server solution, you can personally customize your security measures and even the host will offer extra safety measures, which will help you maintain a steady speed and availability.

Other strategies to enhance site speed

A dedicated server will certainly provide more flexibility and control because your website dwells on a single server.

For staying ahead of competition, you can obviously implement offsite SEO strategies, but for site speed transfer, dedicated server is the best option.


Speed is not sufficient to fulfill all your SEO requisites, but as a vital aspect, which can be beneficial to business, overtime. There are different ways to enhance website speed like using cache, or asynchronous Javascript or executing private CDN, but none of these can speed up your website’s loading time parallel to dedicated server.

Eventually, only a dedicated server will have an edge as a perfect solution to increase speed of an optimized website.

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