Best Solutions to Directly Download URL on Mac

Best Solutions to Directly Download URL on Mac

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Whenever we find a video interesting we copy the URL and share it by sending it to people directly. Universal Resource Locator is abbreviated as URL. You can anyway download the video and post it instead of copying the URL to share. Sometimes the playback is not good when we try to watch a video on YouTube, so it would be better in terms of quality to download the video and then watch it. It becomes easy because you can watch it offline too. At times finding the URL to download video is not easy.

Now I would like to tell you about how to download videos from YouTube through URL for mac. It is an easy option to download videos from YouTube using the URL for mac. One such app is “Elmedia Player and Airy to download youtube video with URL on mac”. You can download it from online sources like daily motion etcetera. First of all download the app and then you need to upgrade into pro version. Activation code is required which can be bought on developers website. After this the second step is to switch the player in browser mode and then type the url or paste it and after you press enter you can have the files that are available for download enlisted. Now choose the one you need.

Browser extension is for those who love add-ons. You can use it on browsers like opera, Firefox, safari, chrome. After the extension installation is done, you can see a guide that will help you to download videos with URL.

To download video from URL you can use online service and browser extension. Online service helps you to download videos from various download services for example You directly place the URL in the box and click the arrow icon and you will get the download option.

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