All about Mass Picture Download Software

All about Mass Picture Download Software

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Internet provides us a lot of stuff for free. Many people download several things from the internet which include software, pictures, movies, audio and video files and many other types of files. Downloading few of them is easy but when it comes to downloading all of them, it becomes very irritating and annoying. Movies and videos can be handled on your own but when it comes to downloading images in bulk, it takes a lot of time to individually select every picture and do a right click on all of the pictures to save it in the destination folder. But there is an alternative and easy way of doing the whole process. You need not to do endless clicks on the webpage. You can use tgp downloader extreme picture finder to do the whole downloading on your behalf.

This mass image downloader acts asa powerful search engine in searching all the media files present on the webpage and automatically downloads it in the destination folder. This software is capable of downloading the full resolution images as well as other media files also. You need to select the type of files that you are looking forward to download. You can also select the minimum and maximum size of the file so that the pictures that fall in between that range get to download. Those files which don’t fall under the desired range are left behind and the software automatically skips them.

The software first makes a queue of the files that need to be downloaded and arranges them in order. After arranging the pictures in a queue, the software downloads them one by one and safely stores them in the desired folder. The first step of using this software is pasting the URL of the webpage from which the images need to be downloaded into the software’s starting address box. Then you need to select the gallery or a page or multiple pages from where you need to download the images. You can manually select the galleries or the pages, and the software will automatically download all the selected galleries from every webpage.

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