A Trader’s Guide to Choosing the Right Binary Trading Mentor

A Trader’s Guide to Choosing the Right Binary Trading Mentor

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Learning to trade right takes times. It needs a trader to be constantly involved in the volatile market to learn from experience. Moreover, there are trading mentors in the form of software and tools which can be utilized by Roiteks binary options trading brokers in order to come up with the best strategy in detecting the trend and grabbing the best trading opportunity.

Here are a few things you need to know when choosing the right algorithmic trading tool:

  • Connectivity to different markets – If you are trading on various markets, you should know that trading can come in variety of formats. This can be in the form of Multicast, TCP, IP or a FIX. Your trading tool should have the ability to accommodate different formats. You can opt for third party vendors like Reuters or Bloomberg. These have provisions for uniform formatting options to their clients. Make sure that the Roiteks binary options trading you use will process all kinds of feeds received by your software.
  • Should provide market feeds based on real time data – All trading software should be designed to respond to real-time data about the market. These feeds should also be integrated from different sources.
  • Your trading mentor should be characterized with latency or the ability to introduce time-delay in terms of the movement of data from one trading application to another. Today’s trading works dynamically that prices can be changed in multiple times. This happens within less than 2 second period. As a knowledgeable Roiteks binary options trading, you need to keep the latency at the lowest possible range to make sure that your data is up to date.


There are lots of trading software in the market which offers various functionality depending on your requirements as a trader. More often than not, developers or creators of these tools have provided trial versions with full functionality. This is your chance to learn the ins and outs of the software and make compelling decisions in choosing the right tool that works for your needs. Algorithm trading software can be expensive but can be fully-customized to suit your trading needs.

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